Basic Staff Training (BST)

It is mandatory that all Pathfinder and Adventurer staff attend Basic Staff training. It is recommended that all staff attend every 3 years as a refresher especially where they have not been continually active in the ministry.

The BST Course is designed to develop awareness in leaders of the basic fundamentals of the Pathfinder/Adventurer Club and help teachers become familiar with the procedures, policies and resources necessary to commence and maintain a Pathfinder club. It will teach those basic elements of information required for any Pathfinder/Adventurer staff member or leader to adequately fulfil his or her duties.

Participants will attend a minimum of 10 hours of seminar training conducted by the SEC. Which is currently run accross 2 Sundays, (dates for 2019 are below). In addition to this the participants are expected to complete the SEC KCFS (Keeping the Church Family Safe) Training (with the exception of Guide class).

The seminar will cover the following areas:

* Pathfinder Club Ministry: Its History, Purpose, and Relationship to Church, TLT and  MasterGuides
* Introduction to Club Organisation & Leadership
* Introduction to Pathfinder Club Outreach
* Introduction to Basic Drill
* Introduction to Pathfinder Club Programming and Planning
* Development Growth (Pathfinder & Adventurer)
* Introduction to Teaching Skills (Pathfinder & Adventurer)
* Introduction to Medical, Risk Management, Child Safety Issues and Outdoor Safety

2022 Dates for Basic Staff training are:

Due to Covid 19 the training has been adapted to deliver it via the Zoom platform.

BST Day 1 - Sunday 16th January - Virtually via ZOOM 
BST Day 2 - Sunday 23rd January - Virtually via ZOOM

BST Day 1 - Sunday 15th May  - Virtually via ZOOM
BST Day 2 - Sunday 22nd May - Virtually via ZOOM

BST Day 1 - Sunday 3rd July - Virtually via ZOOM
BST Day 2 - Sunday 10th July - Virtually via ZOOM

BST Day 1- Sunday 9th October - Virtually via ZOOM
BST Day 2 - Sunday 16th October - Virtually via ZOOM

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Please note to complete the training you will need to attend all sessions on both days, and complete the SEC KCFS training.

Once you have completed all sessions including KCFS, you will need to submit your signed certification form to the SEC office, and you will be issued with a certificate.