1. Be a teenager 14 years of age, and/or in grade 9 or its equivalent.
  2. Through memorization and discussion, explain the meaning of the Adventist Youth Pledge.
  3. Be an active member of Pathfinders.
  4. Select and read three books of your choice from the Teen Book Club list.


  1. Make a written or oral presentation on respect for God’s law and civil authority giving at least 10 principles of moral behavior.


Spiritual Discovery

  1. Study the personal work of the Holy Spirit as it relates to mankind, and discuss His involvement in spiritual growth.
  2. By study and group discussion increase your knowledge of the last-day events that lead up to the Second Advent.
  3. Through study and discussion of Bible evidence discover the true meaning of Sabbath keeping.
  4. Have a current Memory Gem Certificate.


  1. Read the books of Proverbs, Habakkuk, Isaiah, Malachi, Jeremiah or complete the Junior Bible Year reading program.


Serving Others

  1. As a group or individually, invite a friend to at least one of your church or conference Teen/Youth Fellowship activities.
  2. As a group or individually, help organize and participate in a project of service to others.
  3. Discuss how a Christian Adventist youth relates to people in every-day situations, contacts and associations.


  1. Spend at least 2 hours with your Pastor, Church Elder or Deacon observing them in their pastoral/case ministry.


Friendship Development

  1. In group discussion and by personal inquiry examine your attitudes toward two of the following topics:
    1. Self Concept
    2. Human Relationships - Parents, Family, and Others.
    3. Earning and Spending Money.
    4. Peer Pressure.
  2. List and discuss the needs of the handicapped, and help plan and participate in a party for them.


  1. Visit an institute for physically or mentally challenged and present a report on the visit.


Health and Fitness

  1. Choose and complete any two requirements from the Temperance Honor.
  2. Organize a Health Party. Include health principles, talks, displays, etc.


  1. Study the effective refusal technique of Joseph and explain why it is important to use it today.


Organization and Leadership Development

  1. Discuss and prepare a flow chart on local church organization, and list the departmental functions.
  2. Participate in local church programs on two occasions each, in two departments of the church.
  3. Fulfill Requirements 3, 5, and 6 of the Stewardship Honor
  4. Complete the Drilling and Marching Honor


  1. Complete the Junior Youth Witnessing Honor


Nature Study

  1. Review the story of Nicodemus and relate it to the life cycle of the butterfly, or draw a life-cycle chart of the caterpillar giving the Spiritual significance.
  2. Complete a Nature Honor not previously earned.


  1. Plan a list of at least 5 nature related activities that may be used for Sabbath afternoons.


Outdoor Living

  1. With a party of not less than four, including an experienced adult counselor, hike 25 kms in a rural wilderness area, including one night in the open or in tents. The expedition planning should be a joint effort of the party and all food needed should be carried. From notes taken, participate in a group discussion led by your counselor, on the terrain, flora and fauna, as observed on the hike.
  2. Complete one Recreational honor not previously earned.
  3. Pass a test in Voyager first aid.


  1. Design and build 5 articles of camp furniture and design an entrance for your club camp that could be used for a Camporee.


Lifestyle Enrichment

  1. Complete one Honor in Outreach Ministries, Health and Science, Household Arts, Outdoor Industry, or Vocational categories not previously earned.