Let me Introduce to you  'ROVERS' for 16 - 19 Years Old'. The Rover is an exploring vehicle, used by space explorers to venture worlds undreamed of, while forging legacies of their own. You are 'Rovers' at the start of your life to become what God wants you to be. And we want to inspire you to do that.

If you are 16-19 years and still love the Pathfinder vibe. If you are a Junior Counsellor, Counsellor, TLT, or if you want a challenge and prepare for life skills, make a difference in your life and community, then this innovation is for you.

We have 3 focus actions we hope you will be part of. We'll get together only 3 times a year. On a Sunday, Perhaps a Weekend, and Evenings Planned for you at this Year's SEC Camporee. 


Life Skills

  • To challenge and to help you remain confident as you embark on your exciting life journey. Not a lot of fuss or mundane or the usual. 
  • Our LEARN IT challenge will take place on 2 June 2024.
    • Part 1 will happen at ' Coate Water Park' in Swindon. Here, together we will cook an outdoor meal. All you need to have is your little cooker, your ingredients, and cooking utensils, and we do a 'SEC British Cook-Off.'
    • Part 2 we will do a short drive to the little town of 'Cirencester' where your Navigation Rally will commence. We will give you a starting point, your first Clue and set you off to go from one point of the town to the other point. On th ejourney you will try and find some markers, follow and fulfill some practical instructions, engage with the locals and join us at the end of the task. You will work in a team of 2-3. So you need think, plan, navigate pick up the clues and items, etc. No cheeating, because we will know what you need to show us. 
  • All the instructions will be sent to you in good time. 
  • Transport will be considered if possible (To Be Confirmed)


Outdoor Skills, Challenges and Chill

  • The real fun bit which will happen at SEC Camporee:
    • Daily: Your chance to give back and assist with the activities and camporee events. You will need to sign up as volunteers.
    • Evenings: (when all the young ones have gone to bed) Is your time at the designate 'Rover Land', with activities, chat and outdoor challenges. Some of the activities will be a Night Hike, Woodland Obstacle Course, Escape Room, etc. 
    • Disclaimer: You will need to sign up for the Pathfinder Camporee (not Adventurer Camporee) as a Volunteer and pay Volunteer Fee. Only those who signed up to the Rover program on 31st March can sign up for the Camporee 'Rover Land'. Rover Forms will be handed to you at the first Rover meeting. For information about that, please go to https://secpathfinders.com/camporee.


Community Project

  • Making a real difference in the community (not litter picking), but leaving a legacy and a lasting footprint of a young Christian who made a difference, then a proper and real social action project in a community is what you want to look forward to!
  • At the moment we are looking to have this project in the Autumn either September/October.
  • We are even considering to do a project abroad 


Complete the Application form on the side (if on a computer) or below (if you are using your phone).
Volunteer Form will arrive soon. 


Every Participating Rover will be awarded with a Certificate and official Achievement Statement to add to their CV or Personal Statement on University Applications. 

Any questions, reach out at pathfinders@secadventist.org.uk